Suzlon Energy Share Up : A Remarkable 465% Gain in One Year Propelled By a 225 MW Project. Why?


The Journey Begins at 7 and Soars to 40.

Suzlon Energy, well known for its efforts in the future renewable energy sector, Suzlon shares valued at a modest 7 rupees per share in just year ago. Today same share is traded at 40 rupees per share. this journey has caught the attention of investors in India.

The Game-Changer: A 225 MW Project From Everrnenew Energy.

The Suzlon Energy begged the Big 225 MW wind power  project from Enverrenew Energy in Tamil Nadu State. this project include installing 75 wind turbines having a 3 MW Capacity of each at two sites. this project, contributing to India’s mission of renewable energy.


After this news on Suzlon Energy rises 2%.may this rally continue.




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